Taxi Pet has a specially designed vehicles that meets all the requirements.

What does “specially designed vehicle” mean?


It has nine transport areas, made in INOX with a special wooden floor which is covered with antimicrobial, antifungal and non-slip filter.


Each transport area has its own separate security lock.


Our transport areas are comfortable, as they have been designed in the required dimensions for each animal size with the largest reaching 1.40cm * 1.40cm * 90 cm wide.


When we say that we offer a “warm” transport space, we also mean the necessary climate for the animal. The vehicle has air ducts, two advanced ventilation systems and air condition heating. A built-in thermostat is included in the driver’s cab for complete temperature control.


The vehicle is equipped with an ergonomic washing system, while it has a well-designed drainage system for its excellent cleanliness.


Transport areas are insulated with non-flammable and heat-insulating material.


There is a camera for continuous and secure surveillance.


It has INOX dividers between the accommodation areas ensuring the calm and stress-free transport of the animals.


There is special lighting with fluorescent lamps, which relaxes the animals during the trip.