We do not just love animals.
We take care of them and serve their needs safely and sensitively.

With ten years of experience (professionally, because we personally have a lifetime of experience) in the world of pets, we decided to offer our favorite pets the taxi they deserve.

The Taxi Pet team was created because you needed a pleasant and safer transportation. We know you do not like the car, but the truth is that most vehicles are not built to the right standards for you. This is something we have been living in our daily lives for many years. So we decided to make your routes more friendly for you, because in the end you know something? The convenience of the car and the trips are nice!

We have gone through the part of hospitality and voluntary hospitality as independent volunteers and we have seen how difficult transportation can be for both you who have learned to live in the living room and for you who live on the street and need someone to lead you to the “right spot” in your home.

We know very well how to take care of an animal, how to calm it when it is in a state of stress, how to offer it first aid but also how to help it enjoy a journey.

Caution! Do not trust people who claim to be transporting animals without having a specially designed vehicle. You should know that the route is completely safe, that all the basic rules of cleanliness and hygiene are followed during the transfer from animal to animal, that your pet really enjoys the route with the right temperature and comfort. So it’s time for your friend to get the personal chauffeur and taxi he deserves!

In our lives outside of Taxi Pet, we cannot fully imagine the concept of a family without pets.

As dreamers we like to think that one day …

“Our mentality and greatness will be judged by the way we treat animals”

– Mahatma Gandhi


With ten years of experience


Our satisfied customers


We are by your side at all times