Pets Transportation abroad

TaxiPet has officially started transporting pets abroad, with pet transfers in Central Europe and the United Kingdom.

Traveling abroad with / for your pet seems like a difficult and soul-destroying process. However, TaxiPet gives you the right guidance, thanks to the experience of its team in the Pet transfers Sector and the constant information about the new laws that arise, and is by your side in every step of the preparation of the trip.

For our part, the preparation for the trip includes a specially designed vehicle, which is disinfected before and after each pet transfer and technically checked before each trip.

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Then we are provided with everything necessary, so that the pet that will be transported with the TaxiPet vehicle has water, food, the appropriate temperature depending on the season and of course the comfort to make a trip that will last hours.

So that we can all reach our destination happy and safe!

You wagged your tail and … we left!

We have special cameras to monitor the pet throughout the transfer. Last but not least, our relaxing music will make the pet trip even more enjoyable!

If your pet receives a specialized food, for some health reason, let us know.

All your pet will need is for him to get in our vehicle, to wag his tail … and we’re off!

For more details and information, do not hesitate to contact us.