Do not be afraid! This factor is one of the first things we have taken care of along with the hygiene rules. The journey will begin when you are ready, with a lot of love, support and relaxing music that will lift your spirits and make you forget the dizziness that grips you as soon as you press your foot in the car.

Yes, but you will be notified earlier. Before the start of each route, you will be informed about the time, the environment and the cost of transport.

For your safety, there are specially designed transport areas, which are disinfected before and after each transport. That way you will feel at home!

Our secrets for a stress-free route are many and we take care to update them regularly. Some of are the relaxing music, the pleasant environment and the “warm” spaces that we have for your transportation.

Our specially designed vehicle and our trained drivers have the ability to provide the first aid you may need. For more serious cases we have a wide network of partners, where we can rush immediately.

Of course! Our ten years of experience in the industry is in line with our respective conscience, which is to protect and care for all animals. By this logic we also offer transportation services for stray animals.